• Light Flight
    Healthy and tasty food, which attracts more and more people, is a very popular trend in our time. Who doesn't want to feel good and look beautiful?
    This time the target was to design packaging for low-calorie desserts – the exclusive product that allows you to enjoy the unique taste without harm to your body.
    A lot of white space, pastel colours, and bright fruit on the package evoke the sensation of lightness, the feeling of flight. The style, which is reached as a result, describes the brand as one of the most customer-attractive and friendliest in its segment.
  • Created in Brandiziac agency

    Creative director Artem Shutov 
    Designer Olga Mosina
    Prepress Dmitry Trofimov
    Copywriter Vera Musaelyan
    Project coordinators Daria Medvedeva