• Light Farms is an 806 acre master planned community that’s being developed as the ‘gateway’ to Celina, TX. We see it as being more than just the gateway to a north Texas city, but as the inception of a new way to think about communal living in suburbs everywhere.

    Create an identity for a master planned community that stands out from the numerous neighboring developments across North Texas.

    Created a modern yet endearing identity inspired by the farm that gave name to the development. Cohesive brand collateral, website and community signage work together balancing tradition with a vision for the future.
    By Eleanor Grosch. Chalboard typography by Tractorbeam.
    Environmental Signage
    We worked in collaboration with Mesa Design Group to create monument and wayfinding signage throughout the development.  
    Designed an immersive, single page scrolling site that would reflect the visual identity of the development. 
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