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  • While experience matters, what matters more is what one makes of experience: how a person comes to recognize in a crucible experience that something new or important is happening, to see beyond the discomfort, perhaps even the pain, of new and unexpected information and to incorporate that information as useful knowledge, not just about the world but, as likely, about oneself.  —Robert J. Thomas, Crucibles of Leadership

    Psychologists posit that drastic turning points in peoples' lives generally define most people. Why? Because simply because people allow single moments to define their lives. By stepping back and viewing seemingly large moments in the big picture of our existence, we can capture new perspectives.

    This poster-sized, 24" x 36" image attempts just that. I reflected on a 29-year, 18-crucible life (with a color-coded emotion scale) by replacing the traditional X and Y axis with a more natural unit of measurement: the natural rings of a tree.