• Life's a journey, Make it a sweet one.
    Candy-coated artworks for the Sweet Hot Mess exhibition.

  • These 3 pieces of candyart are made around the theme "Life's a journey, make it a sweet one."

    I didn't know what to work on in the very beginning, had zero ideas. But then I thought of how these artworks will be travelling across the globe to reach the other side of the world and that hit me.

    Here we see the 3 forms of travelling : LAND, AIR and SEA. I'm sure if they were could talk, it would've been quite a journey for them. I packed them into a huge box, kissed them goodbye and sent them off. Life is indeed a journey, up and downs are part of growing up so let us all follow our dreams and hopefully, make it a sweet one. :)

    Made specially for the Sweet Hot Mess exhibition happening at Cult Status Gallery Minneapolis!
  • "We are the Gumballephants and we are going wherever the Lolli-pass points. An adventure awaits! "
  • "Let the birds chase us, I'm pretty sure we can float higher than them because we have candy!"
  • "Come swim with us, through the sugary sea of sweetness. Let's bring the world some candy!"