• After a morning of brainstorming, we came up with a challenge to find a piece of abandoned furniture and to tell its story. I set off for a meeting across the other side of town, and en route I spotted an old sofa that was looking rather sorry for itself. We transported the sofa back to the studio and began to imagine the people it had lived with and the stories it would tell; a lover's tiff, wild parties, a stash of jewels from a robbery, a grandfather telling stories. 

    We each took a section of the sofa and set to work designing graphics, typography and illustration. The result was exhibited with the intention of selling it at auction, however it became such a focal point when clients came to visit the studio that we never could let it go. 

    The story of Life is Suite spread far and wide as bloggers from around the world took interest, and reached as far as the New York Times and Die Gestalten featured us in a book called 'Furnish'. Not bad for something that had previously been destined for the scrapheap!