Life in Rifle Range Flats l 打枪埔

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  • Life In Rifle Range Flats 
    Publication Design

    A  documentary publication, developed as a final project for college.
    Rifle Range Flats are infamous buildings in Penang, Malaysia. The 9 ancient blocks was Penang first low cost project, built in 1969. It is a closed ecosystem that populated by unique community (senior citizens, kids, single family and immigrants). Sanitation and security is a major issue that always make Penangites left a bad impressions to it.
    The aim was to reveal the life and stories of residents and reflecting the unique spirits of Rifle Range Flats.
    The main concept of this publication is "One Room One Life". It represents the unique feature of the Rifle Range flats -- single room units. At the same time the each of life stories and thinking of every residents are so interesting to be discover. 
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