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Visual rendering of the "Life and Work on Moon". NASA Lunar Art and Design Contest, (Overall Highest Score, 2009).
 "Life and Work on Moon". (poster-color on paper) for the NASA Lunar Art and Design Contest, 2009. 

300 Word Artist's Statement (April, 2009)

A base on the moon sparks the scientific and artistic imagination.

Firstly, a permanent base would expand the frontiers of space exploration and add to the treasure of scientific quest. This would help unravel the mysteries of the universe, and in particular the origin and formation of the solar system and the origin of life itself. Such a base would help us trace the deep connection of the Moon with Earth. Lunar rovers would journey astronauts to and fro different observatories and labs. Furthermore, the Moon also offers economic benefits. Laboratories on the Moon would primarily focus on extensive research on its crust: its composition and processes. With the resolution of the water ice at the Moon’s poles, basic human needs for survival would be met. Para- terraformed  sections in moon would help experiment on the long term effects of microgravity. With the discovery of Helium, fusion reactors could be tested away from human dwellings. The moon would be an outpost for space technology diversification. Possible simulations for spacecrafts to suit manned missions to other planets will be executed. For instance, manned missions to mars and beyond would be carried on from the moon.

On the other hand, artistic perspective of life on the moon is not inconsequential.  A base on the moon would start an unending dialogue between it and the earth. After laboratories line the lunar landscape, spaceships touring earth and moon would bring not only more astronauts but also adventurers, tourists and dwellers on the moon. Lunar evenings marked by long shadows of solar panels sweeping across craters and the unsympathetic terrain would be a common. Humans, for the first time, would be able to appreciate the eclipses from a new viewpoint.

Such thoughts of inspiration have evoked the scientist and the artist within me.