Life Time Fitness — "I CAN" Campaign

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  • When I wrote the "I CAN DO IT ALL IN MY LIFETIME" tagline for Life Time — The Healthy Way of Life Company, I never intended for it to be just a tagline. With everything you can experience at Life Time, I knew it would mean something different for everyone. It could mean finally losing that last 50lbs. you've always dreamed about, actually getting into the pool and finishing your first lap, or just spending more time with your family.

    Whatever the reason, I wanted this tagline to be something that would inspire and empower Life Time members to accomplish their goals — or better, share their story. By inviting members to share their goals by way of the tagline, we helped strengthen the brand, tell individual stories in a smart, brand-right way, and even connect their messages to merchandising opportunities.

    The following campaign shows how we could use social media and interactive channels to capture these unique goals and turn them into hero statements in our marketing — while also featuring real members, not models.
  • Interactive billboards instantly populated by unique Tweets:
  • In-club plasma screens instantly populated by unique Tweets:
  • Interactive banner ads entice users to type their unique goal:
  • Once users hit "Submit," they are brought to a standalone website featuring their message. Here they can create and purchase their message on a personalized motivational t-shirt, or view a gallery of others' inspiring messages:
  • A simple 5-step process walks users through the ordering process. Here members can type their personal message, select their shirt size, color (based on the Life Time master brand color palette), material, and even share their shirt and story on a gallery wall:
  • The ultimate goal would be to increase member engagement — with the company and between each other — while also introducing a new money-generating opportunity. Seeing our colorful shirts filling our clubs and events would be an extra exciting bonus:
  • If a user gets to the main website without going through the interactive banner ad, he or she will see rotating personalized messages — always starting with the standard "I CAN DO IT ALL IN MY LIFETIME" tagline:
  • From our submitted messages, we also have the great opportunity to feature our real members, not models, in our ads — like in this in-club poster:
  • Event participants can have their photos taken behind a life-size frame featuring our "I CAN DO IT ALL IN MY LIFETIME" tagline — instantly putting them in a Life Time ad they can share with others. It's a great event memento, and an even branding opportunity for the company:
  • Creative Director: Adam Reynolds
    Copywriter: Adam Reynolds
    Designers: Doug Swenson, Mike Hagan, Ben Johnson