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Redesign and identity work for Lichtblick Kino - an alternative movie theatre
Lichtblick Kino
Visual identity for Lichtblick Kino
Visual identity for Lichtblick Kino, a small Berlin based cinema transmitting a selective range of art films, documentaries and surrealist short stories.
The concept behind the visual identity is built on the experience of being at the cinema. Settings like darkness, crowd silence and the direct focus on the screen form the atmosphere, while visual elements shape the cinema screen and what it’s all about; the transmitting of films. Furthermore, as an important part of the cinema experience, the visual identity is dynamic, showcasing a wide range of relevant movie clips inside the silhouettes of the screen lettering. This way, the visual identity helps to underline the selective film repertoire. An example of this is shown further down this page. On print media, as for example tickets, magazines and further cinema material, the two I's of the logotype function as an indication of importance and where to focus attention.