• For Holland's biggest women magazine Libelle we made thefirst 100% knitted campaign. Why? Libelle has a nifty warm winter offer andknitting is hot. As clear and straightforward is the offer, as wooly is theform in which we bring it. Literally everything in this campaign is knitted.We’ve knitted banners, a flyer and the TVC. Frame by frame. Then wephotographed every single knitting and turned it into a stop-motion commercial.Even the soundtrack is entirely made of sounds associated with knitting. Nowthat is what we call a warm offer!
  • The making of including the TV ad
  • Concept: Michiel Otting, Maarten Reynen
    Artwork: Maarten Reynen
    Edit/animation: Flincke Jongens
    Knitting: De Reuver
    Sound: FC Walvisch
    Client: Libelle
    Agency: Van Wanten Etcetera