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Prototype of a kettle inspired by nature, made of ceramics and wood.
Sabi kettle
Exploring existing kettles I noticed that there are very few that are functional as tea pots as well as presentable for showing on the table, making them a part of the ‘tea ritual’. 
Most kettles are lumpy in shape and the harmony between the handle and the body of the kettle does not really exist, making these kettles serviceable but not aesthetically pleasing. My inspiration was Nature, a leaf to be precise (as it can be seen from this body plan) and the mystique of enjoying a pleasant cup of tea. My goal was to make a kettle which will be a part of ‘drinking tea ritual’; an exclusive, graceful and harmonious experience - it was important to me to set a close connection between handle and the body, to unify them. 
Materials chosen are ceramics and wood – ceramic kettles are developed so they can be compared with plastic and iron kettles (eg. Sunbeam ceramic kettle). The ceramic kettle combines the traditional feel of a ceramic vessel with modern kettle technology. It can be used simply to boil water, but the main purpose is tea preparation.