Lexware De-stone-ageify your book-keeping!

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  • A superb project to be involved in with Lexare, mixed media by very definition. It has envolved a photographic shoot, 3D rendering, hand rendered work, paint, photoshop, engraveing etc...
    De-stone-ageify your book-keeping!
    Many small and medium entrepreneurs in Germany have hightech machinery, streamline processes, online shop systems and ultra-modern interiors. But as a harsh contrast to their usual modernity, they often tend to do their book-keeping in an incredibly old-fashioned manner: clumsy and arkward sorting via cardboard boxes, folders and other improvized mechanisms to sort away all the paper stuff. Let‘s stop this old-fashioned behaviour – now! We demand "de-stone-ageify your book-keeping!“. Because with LEXWARE software you will have all your accounting numbers and facts clear and ready, and thus will succeed better with your enterprise. 
  • Process... stages
  • The shoot with Marius Roos.
    Superb relaxed shoot in Harrlem great atmosphere and mean't a few days in the Netherlands helping with the Art Direction.
  • Basic build and roughs.
  • Other concepts - not choosen route
  • Inside treatment...
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