Levius Concept-Cartography

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  • Levius Concept-Cartography.

    Levius world shows up through a work-manifesto, which arises from the metropolitan area of Venice, or rather: the Mainland, an extended city and its suburbs.
    This work develops from cartographical, not scientific assumptions, to produce almost exclusively emotional paths.
    Pictures, frames, freeze-frames that witness data of an every-day attention, details of places, layouts of rhythms and paths.
    Strings, interweaving, connections and contaminations symbolize the intimate relation between spots and meetings, places and events, spaces and creations of culture and subculture.
    The uniqueness of the Metropolitan area of Venice, hybrid between earth and water, canals and streets, mainland and islands, as a pulsing centre of creativity, music, art, knowledge, and art’s projects.
    Levius world has the ambition to become a bond and an ethic spotlight on the metropolitan cultures of our territory.