• Levi’s Photo WorkshopLEVI STRAUSS
  • Following up the success of the Levi’s® Print Shop in San Francisco, Sub Rosa launched the Levi’s® Photo Workshop in the heart of Manhattan. During our time in New York we worked with iconic collaborators such as April Bloomfield (The Breslin, John Dory), Michael Stipe, Taschen, SPIN and Vice Magazines, HBO’s cast and crew of “Eastbound and Down”, and many many more.

    Over the span of our 75 days, more than 50,000 people passed through the doors. Whether shooting on the main stage with our high-end Leica S-Systems, renting from the myriad of vintage cameras, or simply mugging for a photo booth picture, the main message remained clear – Levi’s® is a brand of the creative class and here to help local communities re-embrace their desires for craftsmanship and community.
  • 174 studio shoots30,000+dollars raised for local charities 340million media impressions during the launch