Les Recettes Provencales

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  • In the Provence people cook with the ingredients their direct environment provides. What appears on the table today in the Provence differs little from the meals that were served centuries ago. Food is the favorite subject for conversation.
    This cultural heritage I have translated to a series of still life using only the ingredients needed to make these traditional dishes from this region. The ingredients to make that dish have a beauty on their own and deserve to be seen.
    In the tradition of the Dutch masters I have added insects to these stil lives. Small and larger animals that I come across in my garden here in the Provence.
  • Aïgo Boulido
  • Croûte d'Abricots
  • Le Grand Aïoli 
  • Les Petits Farcis
  • Pain Perdu
  • Pissaladière
  • Tapenade
  • Tomates Ménagères