Leicester City Football Club Creative Photo Shoot

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  • Leicester City football club creative photo shoot 

    Photography and digital editing by Mackney Photography 
  • Thanks to Glen at escape Design & Print - we've managed to get through the gates of Leicester City football club and photograph images for them. 

    It was a hard technical shoot - using the latest Broncolor fast flash duration packs and heads so we could freeze the models action and the water droplets without movement or blur (very important), and PocketWizard - Triggers & Sync to achieve the shots needed. photographing from 8pm well into the early hours of the morning as we needed darkness to create an exciting, masculine freeze action shoot. 

    Big thank you to P K E Lighting for the advice and lighting.
    Big thank you to Hayley for the video

    It all come together in the end so Thanks to the team for helping to create the following stunning shots... - our best work yet!