• Legendary Heroes Online  Cinematics
    The style of this film is based on the Hong Kong's Kong Fu and Japanese Samurai Movies in early 80's.Using the unique martial arts techniques and images from Asian film to present this ancient Chinese legend.
  • In the Han dynasty of ancient China , when the first king was still a civilian ,he destroyed the white snake spirit for raising , The white snake was the son of the white lord , Snake cursed the future emperor , his kingdom shall fall .....
  • The Making of

    He re's the Behind the scene video showing how we made everything happen in this project !!
    enjoy it !!
  • VFX Breakdown

    A short cinematic breakdown we worked on for the recent '' Legendary Heroes Online '' - Game Cinematics .
    This video simply shows the process how we composite all the render passes into the final shots. Multiple passes were rendered out of 3ds Max with Brazil r/s and composited in After effects.

    X-Legend Entertainment Corp.

    Sawoozer Wang

    CG Artist : James Chen, Lance Ni, Juin Cheng, Joe Lin, Huang Chung Chun
    CG Assistant : Zhuang Wei Zhong, Wu Pie Yu, Lin Hao Wei, Huang Wan Ting
    Stunt Director : Jimmy Hung
    Stunt Artist : Eddie Tsai, Lin Yuan Kai, Hiroo Minami, Mark Musashi

    Motion Capture
    Motion Capture Producer : C.C. Daniel Chen
    Assistant Director : Andy Burger
    Motion Capture Supervisor : Paul Alvarez Del Castillo
    Motion Capture Operator : Marc Morrisseau
    Real Time Operator : Simon Lombardo
    Raptor Operator : Kay Wong
    Production Manager : Eiren Chong
    Production Assistant : Eugene Harng

    Sound Design

    Special Thanks
    James Liu