Leeds College of Art FD & BA (Hons) DFGA Yearbook

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  • Design of the Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) and FD Digital Film, Games and Animation course yearbook. The concept uses a visual representation of the course through colours to categorise the students. Broken down into three main sections—film, games and animation—the yearbook works with an RGB colour scheme, which appropriately represents the digital nature of the course. Yellow has also been added to break up the book further, and add another level of information for course promotion. Brand guidelines for the college have been considered, as well as factors such as the equal representation of each student and their work.

    Using Helvetica LT Std for the only font, different weights have been employed in various appropriate layouts, as have a wide range of point sizes. The reoccurring shape within the book is a rectangle with two alternating curved corners. Within the yearbook it was felt that the digital work should be represented in a way which was as dynamic as possible when in print. The shapes help to contrast with the inflexible formats of the screen based work itself, whilst also creating a more informal and lively layout for the content that goes alongside the work.

    In collaboration with Rob Green, Maya Srivastava and Robyn Makinson.