• Lebnaneez !
    Sketches of some Beirut Characters .
  • Inspired by people you would meet just around the corner in Beirut.
  • Artsy Fartsy
    Could be found hanging around Hamra Street, in theaters, and leftist/bohemian Coffee Shops.
    Claims to know all about the art scene , and uses very complicated terminology in criticizing a certain issue.
    Highly committed to the cause....whichever that is...

  • Bored Policeman
    Watching the corner for a whole day might get boring ...
    some singin', and swingin',hmm .. giving tickets , and occasionally controlling traffc... might just break the monotony !
  • Abou Radwen
    The Neighborhood's Front man, the Big Brother, The Mr. Know it All..
     from What's wrong with your Volvo... to the country's political situation to Shakespeare !!