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Art direction
Art direction and Graphic design of the promotional material for Leaves of the Horn and Merqana, two documentaries directed by David Chierchini, Matteo Keffer and Davide Morandini

Art direction & graphic design: Matteo Brogi & Leonardo Maltese
Animation: Tommaso Dal Poz
Web development: Daniele Meli

Qat is a natural amphetamine cultivated in the Horn of Africa. Its leaves are chewed by millions of people around the world, nurturing a business worth billions that connects the Kenyan and Ethiopian highlands to lands as far as the UK, the United States and China.
Labelled as a ‘drug of abuse’ by the World Health Organisation, Qat has been banned in most European countries for charges over funding international terrorism. Nonetheless, the qat trade provides livelihood to millions.

Leaves of the Horn
The film will guide you through a remarkable journey linked with the trade and consumption of qat: be it by riding dusty pick-up trucks overloaded with qat bundles hurtling at the feet of mount Kenya, or by following the footsteps of young Ethiopian religious leaders performing trance-like rituals at the rhythm of sacred cymbals.
Merqana is an observational documentary film exploring the local commodity chain of qat in the region, from its nightly harvest to the weekly sufi rituals where local mystics perform trance-like rituals and recreationally chew qat leaves until the crack of dawn.
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