"Leave an Impression" Campaign for Ballantine's©

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  • "Leave an Impression"
  • Brief: A print campaign for increasing the appeal of the brand for sophisticated young consumers. Ballantine's wants  leave an impression on people, not exaggerating but rather expressing elegance in a natural way and with a strong sense of individuality.

    Target:  25-35 years

    Make Ballantine's as an integral part of events and parties. Using young people to express the sophisticated lifestyle.

    The posters represents young people who appreciate luxury and respect quality and thereby spend a great time accompanied by Ballantine's. Each poster represents target in various sort of events.

    Elegant, Chic, Refined, Unconventional.

    Look and Feel:
    Fashionable, Eye tracking, Contemporary, Unique.

    Tone of voice:
    Consistent, Dynamic.

  • Title: "Leave an impression."
    Client: Ballantine's
    Art Direction: Karina Nurdinova / Anahi Granados
    Copywriting: Karina Nurdinova / Anahi Granados 
    Photography: Karina Nurdinova / Anahi Granados
    Brief supervision: Luca Negretti
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