League of Legends Windows Phone Application

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  • My role on the project: Interaction design and Visual design
    Platform: Windows Phone 7.8 / 8

    * This application is not official, just a fan made application.
  • 1.0) Initial sketches 
    The concept starts by sketching the idea on paper.
  • 2.0) Screenflow - Home panorama
    The screenflow document brings the application interactions. Here are the application home principal gestures, flick right or left to explore the panorama. 
    The home is populated by: latest news, ladders, game info (with a random champion 3d animated) and server status.
  • 2.1) Screenflow - Champion pivot
    By tapping on champions at home panorama and selecting a champion on champion list application, the user is lead to the champion pivot, that is populated with: champion lore and details, stats and itens, abilities and 3d model related to the champion skin selected. 
  • 3.0) Visual design - Home panorama part 1
  • 3.1) Visual design - Home panorama part 2
  • 3.2) Visual design - Champions screen
  • 3.3) Visual design - Champion pivot part 1
  • 3.4) Visual design - Champion pivot part 2