LeSportsac X Loulou & Tummie -Urban Fruits-

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  • LeSportsac X Loulou & Tummie
    'Urban Fruits'

    LeSportsac invited us to create two series for the LeSportsac Artist in Residence Fall/ Winter 2012.
    We came up with two different themes: Flower Up & Urban Fruits.

    This is the Urban Fruits print: "...A medley of city staples such as take-out cups and traffic cones that have morphed into whimsical personalities."
  • "In a burst of energizing orange your morning coffee comes to life as cute over-caffeinated characters on the front panel. While the other panels feature more adorable little friends, like giraffes, strawberries, pineapples, dazed traffic cones and a super-excited potted plant!"