PHUNK - Le Parfum

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  • Artwork made for TRANSMISSION 2013 - The apprenticeship program held by PHUNK.
    Theme of the exhibition: KINGDOM OF.
    Exhibited from the 19th to the 29th of September 2013, at PHUNK Studios, Singapore.
    This is a representation of The Perfume by P. Süskind –a poetic human collection. The morbid fascination Grenouille has for women’s scent keeps him alive. The 10 captured bodies dandling in glass bottles are nothing about death, but life itself. Being intangible, perfumes are impossible to represent, yet their scent is everywhere around us, free.    
    Cloth, glass bottles, custom made perfume.
  • Selection of scents to create the fragrance
  • Artwork constructed following both the perfumes' traditional
    creation and the murders: top notes, middles notes, base notes. 
    The last note is both the last note and the whole perfume itself.

    Picture by Grey Chen Junyang

  • Viewers are invited to smell the bottles.
    Containing a scent each, they form a perfume, all together.
    Picture by Grey Chen Junyang