• Chandigarh - Portrait of a City
    Le Corbusier’s architecture in India.

    The series of images of Chandigarh I’ m presenting is the first part of my ongoing exploration of Le Corbusier’s architecture in India. The second part is to be a portrayal of the city of Ahmedabad.

    In 1949, Nehru dreamt up a new city for independent India - Chandigarh - and a team led by Le Corbusier conceived and realized it. Chandigarh is in fact one of some hundred new towns created in the years which fol lowed India’ s independence in 1947.  Around the same time, Le Corbusier was also invited to Ahmedabad for some private projects - the Sarabhaï and Shodan Villas, the Mill Owners Association Building and the Sanskar Kendra city museum.

    What has been the fate of these architectural and urban creations 60 years later?
    My effort will be to see and portray the architecture of Le Corbusier through the test of time and to show the encounter between the Suisse/French Architecture and the Indian culture.

    You can see more pictures (900) of Chandigarh on my website : www.manuelbougot.com

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