Laura Fish, B Card 2014

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  • Laura Fish, Visual Design & Creative Direction
    Branding / Information Design / Business Card Design
    Project: I began this project, trying to get away from conventional logo design. I started thinking about my career development over the past few years, my skill-set, and unique attributes--this super long brainstorming session produced a long list of respective adjectives. I debated designing a logo that would embody a larger message, or possibly exploring a handful of iconic symbols. The latter prevailed, and eventually 4 icons became 8, 8 became 16, and 16 turned into a final 24. Arranging the 24 icons proved a challenge in itself… But, there's definitely a method to the madness!
    3 1/4" by 2 1/8"
    Hot Stamp, one color (black)
    Edge Painted, one set Aquamarine, one set Aqua.