Latex stockings just like seamed nylons

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  • Hej fashion stylist - be the first who is showing my absolutely unique latex stockings... These stockings are never shown before in magazines, campaigns!
  • White latex stockings & red seam
  • ... fun project: latex stockings & lacing
  • Made to measure 0,25 mm latex stockings with an real seam. Usually latex stockings are glued or moulded. I'm using an original old sewing machine for seamed ff nylons - the effect: an thin seam line and perfect fit.
    Pattern copied from 50th fully fashioned seamed stockings. Color of seam at the customer's request...
    Seamline is reinforced inside and very durable.
    Note: these latex stockings are not commercial products. Pls. ask me for runway shows, photo shootings, video projects... Don't worry - these nice stockings are not prototypes, they are well tested ;-)
  • The seamline ouside- inside there is an flat seam, the same like at original fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings
  • Tailormade at feet too - perfect fit and no "duck feet" at toes