• LateRooms.com, London - 2005

    A rebrand to clearly position LateRooms.com as a leader in the busy hotel booking business sector. The unique service offers rooms at late availability, and at discounted rates, the logo and system clearly visualise this point of difference.

    The identity is based on the simple idea that there is someone waiting up for you - literally a late-room deal.
    A single room becomes the logo, while the hole system expands to show landscapes where a range of selected rooms are waiting for you. A range of landscapes were developed to 'welcome' the online viewer by having a landscape representative of their country, so if you were in London you would the familiar cityscape. 
    The brand needed to be friendly, welcoming and easy to use, which is acheived through the simple graphics, fun font and through analysis of web functionality and on-line branding (at the time).

    Results included an improved hit rate of 50% and the business was sold in 2006 for £100 million (since rebranding).

    Produced while employed at www.l-and-co.co.uk