Lanston Archive Ornaments

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  • LTC Archive Ornaments
    Unlike previous dingbat fonts released from Lanston Type Co., Archive Ornaments derives from a unique collection of brass ornament plates, originally used in creating the matrices for casting metal type. Using the plates as a reference point allowed for a more precise rendering of the ornaments. Letterpress prints were made directly from the brass plates, which were then re-drawn and digitized. Each character has been optimized for the combination of decorative borders and patterns as well as individual accentuation. The completed digitized font contains over 100 glyphs, ranging in style from geometric to organic designs.
  • These original brass patterns of Printers's Ornaments were some of the few artifacts that have survived the series of events that befell the North American Lanston Monotype company's holdings during the 1990s.
  • The patterns and other surviving documents from the Lanston Archive are now preserved (and available for researchers) in the Cary Graphic Arts Collection at RIT.
  • Numbers stamped on each pattern indicate the catalog number (as seen in printed Lanston Monotype Specimen books)
  • Patterns were inked and printed on a Vandercook proofing press to see the actual outlines as they were made in larger sizes.
  • Sketches over proofs to establish alignment in digital form
  • Available soon from P22/Lanston Type Co.