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  • The Dream of life

    One day you will wake up from the dream of life, 
    and you'll feel happy and sad simultaneously; 
    happy because finally discovered the essence, the presence in now moment, the consciousness of ephemerality; and sad for all the time you have lived attached to the illusion of permanence.

    Mara Sarmento
  • "Unexpected serenity" — em Ferragudo, Faro.
  • "The Conclave"

    This photo was shot in Caniço Beach, Alvor.
  • "Scarlet Dream "
  • "Searching for Light"
  • Above thoughts

    "Did you leave your chair, and plunged into the landscape, hearing the sounds of nature? This means that, for a moment, you were above thoughts."
    Mara Sarmento — em Vila Nova de Milfontes, Beja.
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  • "False Serenity"
     Vila Nova de Milfontes, Beja
  • Impermanence

    "Light still dwells here". 

    Mara Sarmento — in Ferragudo, Faro.
  • "Silence is Golden"
  • Searching for meaning
    This photo was shot in Ferragudo, during a magical winter sunset. The shadows in the pontoon are people, spectra, during the long exposure. The result inspires me the notion of souls searching for meaning. 
    Mara Sarmento
  • " The emerging darkness" —  Vila Nova de Milfontes, Beja.
  • "Soil Gaps"
  • "Resilience"
  • Dark ballet

    "Paralyzing seas, that push you violently against sharp rocks, but perversely dont let you drown".
    Mara Sarmento
  • Perceptions
    "Which lens do you see the world with"?
    Mara Sarmento
  • "Layers"
  • Mirrors of Illusion

    Looking for what is beyond form and surface;
    The voice that dwells in you likes to deceive you.
    Mara Sarmento

    Localization: Alvor - Portugal
  • Hidden Worlds

    In these empty worlds, our souls are filled. 
    And there you are - trapped between mirrors, trying to loosen up. 
    Mara Sarmento
    Localization: Praia do caniço/Algarve - Portugal — emAlvor, Portimão @Algarve.
  • Natural Disaster
    "The man, as well as nature, can not control the impulse for destruction, although for different purposes. The nature renews, man aspires". 
    Mara Sarmento