Landscape Architecture, Heat Up Lower Sproul: Redesign

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  • Heat Up Lower Sproul: Redesign
    Landscape Architecture 110: Ecological Analysis
    Fall 2011
  • Team Members: Louise Hussey, Michael Ingram, and Lauren Knight
    About this Project:
    During Fall 2011, I took the course Landscape Architecture 110: Ecological Analysis as part of fulfilling my minor in Sustainable Design. This course included an analysis of environmental factors, ecosystem functions, and ecosystem dynamics as related to decision making for landscape planning and design. I absolutely loved this course. Besides weekly lectures, our lab times often included spending time outdoors observing and taking measurements of the outdoor environment.
    One of the projects during the semester was to redesign Lower Sproul, a central point of the campus, to be inside of the human comfort zone. Below are the design posters my team put together for our presentation. On the day my team took measurements of Lower Sproul it was cooler than the human comfort zone. As a result, we proposed four different alterations that could be made to increase the temperature of the space. Our suggestions ranged from the more practical to the extreme and we had fun with the exercise.