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  • Land God HK
    What is Land God? Today, land god is still worshipped by most Hong Kong people, with many housing small shrines with his image, commonly located below the house door. Many worships make prayers to him for their well being and good financial wealth.
    On the surface, Hong Kong now looks prosperous while property market is getting to our new height since 1997. The economy is increasingly relying on real estate and financial services sectors. Since the prosperity is unevenly distributed, the poorer population are getting poorer. This project is connecting traditional land god and general expectation on property, challenging the unfair for hk society which the rich people who have properties are becoming rich, while the poor guys are getting poorer by not owning any flat in HK.
  • In Situ at ILIVETOMORROW Gallery 
    Mobile Museum - No.7 HongKong Authentic
    Organised in collaboration with Erica Fusaro, Fabrica
    7th - 26th February 2013