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Self Directed Study project : Anger
This was part of my university self directed study "Anger" 

my attempts of codifying anger started off with investigating an area that is famous for its residents being the angriest folk in London, which is the borough of Lambeth, statistically shown through British Association of Anger Management. Anger also exists in a community, the main issues that trigger the displeasure of its community is the community itself, in terms of organization, and also being unable to demonstrate an understanding of the value of diversity. My response led me to design a poster to create awareness in the borough itself, and then travel to Lambeth to document the environment and the reaction of the people passing by. The idea of the poster is to create awareness that the community in the borough is facing day to day stresses that triggers the anger. On the other hand, the poster’s message acts as a provocative visual to the people’s emotions.