LaLa Land Exhibition

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  • LaLa Land Exhibition
  • La La Land presents an exhibition that brings together contemporary works that are influenced by music, design, street art and pop cultures by four artists from the region: Soni Irawan (Indonesia, b. 1975), Andre Tan (Singapore, b. 1978), Lee Rui Xiang (Singapore, b. 1989) and Joyce Lee (Singapore, b. 1986).

    Exhibition will be graced by PHUNK - Art & Design Collective

    Exhibition Period
    24 May - 7 June 2012

    One East Asia Gallery
    15 Scotts Road #05-08/09 Thong Teck Building
    Singapore, Singapore 228218

    Do pop by to check out the exhibition during this period.
    Thanks :)
  • Ode to Joy / 響遏行雲

    Sing, sing, sing.
    Music was given,
    To brighten the day,
    Souls here, like planets in heaven,
    By harmony's laws alone are kept moving.
    Joy’s unchanged form is clearly seen,
    In the fingers dancing, in the chords and the strings
    Lovely, strong; bright, and keen;
    Though behind closed eyes a brighter joy sings.
    In the fingers dancing, in the chords and the strings,
    And in the strumming soars her dreams.
    Pure joy, if you reach out, chooses it.
    Ode to Joy – only a translation of what joy seems.
  • The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland / 失樂園的明天

    Once upon of time,
    Far far away in the land of wonderland.
    The world as one great cymbal made,
    Where jarring winds to infant Nature played.
    All music was a solitary sound,
    To hollow rocks and murmuring fountains bound.
    Adam first made the wilder notes agree,
    And built the organ's city where they dwell.
    Each sought a consort in that lovely place,
    From where the progeny of numbers new,
    Into harmonious colonies withdrew.
    Some to the flute, some to the lute,
    And others chose the cornet eloquent,
    These practicing the wind,
    To sing men's triumphs,
    The rhythm of the music,
    The mosaic of the air,
    Did of all these a solemn noise prepare,
    With which she gained the empire of the ear,
    Including all between the earth and sphere.
    The lost rhymes of wonderland.
  • The Song of Music / 戲曲悠揚

    In the land of lost paradise, I’ve once heard.
    Music, the queen of heaven, care-charming spell,
    That strikes stillness into hell.
    Strings of the guitar,
    And the opera they sing.
    Their melodies melt together,
    Creating our own little corner of heaven.
    With the soul-melting lullabies;
    Fall down, down, down, from those the chiming spheres
    The song of music charms our souls,
    As she enchanting to our ears.
  • Work In Progress
  • Guest of Honour for the Opening Night, PHUNK
  •  Guest of Honour for the Opening Night, PHUNK
  • Thanks for coming Mom...