La Sirenetta

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  • Love and Sorrow Under the Sea
  • Once upon a Time, but we don't know exactly where and when, a gorgeous and sensitive singer mermaid (whose name is still a mistery), living under the most  beautiful ocean, felt in love with a human prince ...
    This is the beginning of a tragic fairy tale about love and sorrow, in wich the protagonist's suicide teach us how is important not to be selfish in love and to respect our beloved's happiness.
  • Traces of human existance
  • 15th birthday...
  • How can a mermaid get human? The price to pay isn't cheap...
  • Beloved Prince Charming...
  • So painful foots!
    So distressing silence!
  • What would happen if our Prince Charming fell in love with an other one Princess?
  • What the little Mermaid would do if her beloved decide to marry the other one princess?
  • Suicide way is the alternative chance of living in sorrow ... 
  • A picture-book by Rachele Cespi