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A personal hand lettering work I did for someone I love; beautiful lyrics from the song 'Andria' by La Dispute.
La Dispute is a band that I find really inspirational and particularly moving. Their lyrics are beautifuly written and were perfect to illustrate creatively. I did this for someone I love, and framed it to give to them. The lyrics:
"And if I do not miss a part of you, a part of me is dead. 
If I can't love you as a lover, I will love you as a friend. 
And I will lay a bed before you, keep you safe until the end."
It is the ending verse to a song called 'Andria', probably my favourite of theirs. Enjoy :)
Initial pencil sketching
After multiple attempts to perfect the composition, I traced it onto textured card. 
The Final Composition
Scanned image
Photoshop Manipulation - colour overlay. I took this photo myself (now heavily edited) in Canada. 
Photoshop manipulation #2 - A photo I took looking over Paris which I've again edited to be the backdrop for my artwork.