La Casa del Emprendedor

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  • La Casa del Emprendedor
    Logo and Identity - La Casa del Emprendedor - 2012
  • "La Casa del Emprendedor" is a concept reality show where the people that take part in it are entrepreneurs. They live in a house were they can develop their ideas with professional advice. The house is full of cameras that record all the activity happening to be shown on TV and also online.

    The concept needed a logo, that suggested the shape of a house, with a symbol that represent an entrepreneur. With a combination of lines, the final logo shows even more than that. The star symbol represents the shine of hope of an idea and also the loneliness that every entrepreneur finds when working in somthing that only he believes in. The house is where ideas are kept, born and grown.

    The logo is in three diferent combinations of colour to have the major versatility, since is ment to be for a TV and online show.
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