• "Lyrically Fused" - based from the title itself, Lyrically fused is a project  fusing some lyrics from musicians and express it to artworks.
  •  TAO
  • TAO is aN artwork inspired from the song itself  "Tao Lang" performed by Loonie feat. Quest.. 
    -fused with the japanese gradient style and my self proclaimed tribal style.

    instead of using an image of a human i used a skull added to that, the words tells all the feelings/emotions makes a human being. the words are the feelings/emotions in the Filipino language. i used a skin toned colors for the font to create the symbolism of skin. so skull + skin tones + emotions = tao/human being

    NATUTUKSO =  Tempted
    NAUUBUSAN NG PASENSYA = Running out of patience
    NASASAKTAN = Feels pain
    NAHIHIYA = Shy
    NALULUNGKOT = Unhappy
    NAGMUMURA = Cursing
    NAPAPAGOD = Weary
    NAGTATAKA = Wondering
    NAIINGIT = Jelous
    NAGAGALIT = Angry
    NABIBIGLA = Excited
    NAIINIP = Impatient
    Natatakot = Afraid
    Nakukunsensya = the feeling whenever your conscience is taking over.
    Natatawa = Amused/ Laughing

    *note some words here are translated via google translate.

    since the beginning of the fliptop battles here in the philippines. the internet was a good place to showcase the talents of the filipino hiphop/rap scene..

    Loonie's  : http://www.facebook.com/loonieversalstudios?fref=ts