LYCO LOUNGE coffee-bar-restaurant

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  • LYCO LOUNGE - the Communication Coffee Shop
  • project: lyco lounge coffee-bar-restaurant in Peraia
    location: thessaloniki
    date: august 2012 - november 2012
    size: 250 m²
    state: built
    client: lyco lounge epe
  • on architecture
  • While designing a corporate coffee –bar the architect’s objective is not only the proper function of the plan, nor the relation of the spaces and the movements.
    Its employees are more concerned by these features.
    The architect is obliged to create images to the visitors/customers of the coffee bar, that will accompany them when they leave this space and will make them want to return.  Our aim and logic is not to create familiar scenes to the visitor. This first reading level of a place is important only the first time you visit it, then it gets boring. 
    In Lyco we designed references. Flying illuminated volumes descending from the ceiling, walls that look like they are going to fall and a bar that looks like it has been chiseled in white marble. We create a cozy and friendly environment similar to the living room of a home, but at the same time surreal which could refer to a film of David Lynch.
    The materials that we used are wood, corian and illuminated newmat membranes.
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