Branding and draft of an advertising campaign festival Icelandic arts and culture in Poznan
The idea of designing the visual identification for LUNGfestiwal came into being in October 2011 when I have started to create my diploma work of graphics designing. There was no a festival like this in the past, which would get closer more and more interesting art and culture of the small northern island – Iceland. However, May 2013 will bring some events connected with Iceland culture in 6 categories: visual arts, design, music, fashion, film and theatre. The name of the whole idea relates to the specific of the country – LUNGfestiwal meaning lungs connects with double perception of the country by its native inhabitants. On the other hand, it presents the Iceland culture as inspiration and breath for the whole Europe including Poland. That’s why the claim of the festival stands for ‘Iceland lungs of culture’. The logo consists of the main symbol – the contour of the island and the typography - the name of the event. The colours used by me relates to water surrounding Iceland, the glaciers as well as the omnipresent waterfalls. Furthermore, the neutral white and black emphasize the simplicity standing for the supreme value. In all my designs I spend a lot of time selecting the most suitable typography, which would cover the importance of the created mark in the best way. I suppose that the key words accompanying me while designing are as follows: clearance, simplicity, cleanness, cold, nature and modern times. The mark is directed to the young who, just like me, are fascinated with the Island culture. The design also combines both the campaign introducing the LUNGfestiwal mark and promoting the festival. In the first campaign the dark turquoise as well as the ruby red dominate. Both colours are to rivet the audience attention, while the whole composition of the design is to arose interest in Iceland. Ruby relates to the volcanic lava, which is dormant on the island all the time. LUNG is the simplicity, which helps in operation. LUNGfestiwal is the breath, which is needs in Europe.
draft of an advertising campaign
Thank you for your time, please appreciate my project.