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    Welcome to the future
  • Taking my inspiration from numerous Sci-Fi movies, series, comics, books etc, both consciously and subconsciously. 
    With a lot of love for Ridley Scott's Alien and Bladerunner and the attention to detail given to the graphics, the melding of language to suggest new, possible futures, I have tried to evoke the stark, white minimalism often seen in sci-fi movies, the recent Moon for instance, and who could forget the future funk of Space 1999? or the 80's Atari vector games?!
      As with many things, they evolve on the page as you manipulate type, images, spacing, shapes and sizes, these are just a few examples, there are probably 4 times as many different versions, ideas, variations etc, these are just a select few. And also with many designs, much like an iceberg, only 10% gets seen, here's my chance to show them, as I designed them to be.
  • Branding, logo's etc...
  • T-shirt design incorporating some of the typographics ideas with moon visuals
  • Variants of the above
  • With a nod to the 80's vector games, another T-shirt design
  • Mock-up of T-shirt design

  • Mock-up of T-shirt design