• LR16
    Special coffin for disaster situations
  • "...Whether dealing with violent deaths in major disasters or in armed conflict, issues concerning the socio-cultural order of a community are valid. The inability to perform rituals condemns a family to a second death: the symbolic death of their loved one for the lack of a tomb that perpetuates his or her name and confers social worth to the deceased and his or her inclusion in the generational continuity of a family."

    My aim is to find a solution to the problem of the funeral after disaster situation.
    I designed a coffin as a storage for the corpses, which is able to isolate the infections, isolate the corpse during the putrifaction, which protect the corpse and the people who "work" with them.

    The material of the product is PLA biopolimer, 100% biodegradable.

    I focused on the experiences of the relatives and gave them an alternative, to keep their loved in rest and respect.