• The table Lorikeet is designed in a timeless design with regard to the smallest details. The slab is made by exacting technology of making concrete layers, which gives it unique texture, which could be hardly imitated. Thanks to its size, it can serve as a dining table. It is also appropriate for study rooms, where it can handle not just a display and a keyboard but also a couple of big sheets at the same time.
    2 faces of concrete
    To make concrete look precisely, it must go through a 4-week creation process. Each of the slabs submits to a series of grinding and hand polishing. Thanks to this, it gets an extraordinary shape and smooth surface. It is treated with a couple of impregnating coats for high resistance and then it is matured for getting the needed firmness.
    To keep the concrete authentic, the bottom side of the slab is intentionally kept in the original raw shape. That is how the strong contrast arises – two faces of concrete, where one is only 15mm far from another.
    Dimensions: 1800 x 900 x 750 mm
    Colour of the concrete: grey, anthracite
    Basic colour of the construction: pink, light blue
    Other shades on request
    Availability: 4 weeks
    Price: 46.700 CZK inl. VAT

    Showroom Gravelli
    Přemyslovská 2845/43
    130 00 Praha 3
    Po - Pá 10:00 - 19:00
    +420 244 404 304
  • bespoke LORIKEET 900x3200mm
  • Lorikeet circle 1200mm
  • Lorikeet circle 1200mm
  • foto: Csilla Hernesz /  ÚJ BUDAPEST GALÉRIA /BÁLNA