• In the summer of 2008, London Mayor Boris Johnson launched a worldwide competition to create a replacement for the classic Routemaster bus. The competition closed in Sept 2008, and winners were invited to an awards ceremony in London's Westminster on 19th Dec 2008.

    I was delighted to be awarded joint second place, behind winners Aston Martin cars and Copoco. The finished bus is planned to hit the streets in 2011, and will be an amalgamation of the winning designs. More information can be found at the TFL Website.

    The London Navigator has been conceptualised as a spiritual successor to the now classic Routemaster bus. The Routemaster is regarded as one of the key recognisable icons of London. It was felt that an equally distinctive replacement for the Routemaster is required to retain this iconography; a red bus that can only be associated with London, is easily distinguishable from the standard double-decker or bendy bus, and is quintessentially British. The overall approach has been to produce a unique and recognisable bus; a functional yet characterful new icon for London.

    Modelling, animation and rendering done in Maxon Cinema 4D. Textures done in Photoshop. Video & audio editing done in Final Cut Pro.

    For more information about this project and hi-res images: www.jamiemartindesign.co.uk

  • LONDON NAVIGATOR - TFL public presentation