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Brand and digital identity for LOGOBR, site Brazilian about branding, graphic design and strategic design.
Brand identity and digital identity
LOGOBR is a site with exclusive content about branding, graphic design and strategic design. One of the most respected brands among the community of designers in Brazil when it comes to content over design.

Anora Campo was called to assist the brand in its renewal, which would pass from editorial and presence on social networks to graphic design. Our task was to redesignthe whole visual identity, including logo.

The site used a native theme and logo was inappropriate for the aspirations of the brand. Moreover, there was a demand for custom home, ways tohighlight articles, new views and navigation, pages for writers, space to reference linksspace to, advertising space and other needs.

However, the main customer expectation was to increase the number of visits andaverage time of each visitor, attracting audiences not only with great and unique content but also through good design would make the site comfortable for browsing and reading, and give credibility to the brand.

It could have been done using a theme, however it was suggested to design a new and exclusive site for the brand. The work took about 15 months as a whole, going from extensive research, studies and prototipagens to programming and launching the new site.