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Wearable camera for extreme sports user.
It’s a wearable camera for extreme sports users. There is a rolling band in camera body which the user can fasten on any part of their body such as head, arm or ankle. Flexible hinges let user feel comfortable wearing it. So user can take pictures or movies easily while they are actively moving. It can also be used in straight form just like an ordinary camera.
20-30 young extreme sports users are increasing. They want to take awesome picture. But their hands are not free and their moving is fast, so they are hard to take picture while playing extreme sports. They need wearable camera.  
Existing Product 1
Existing wearable cameras are not fit in with extreme sports user. Camera should be fastened to their body more then exist wearable cameras. Because extreme sports user's movements are so dynamic.
Existing Product 2
Existing extreme sports cameras can fasten to body but they need some equipment for fasten. And they need differant equipment for differant situation.
Human Factors
To fasten camera to anywhere in body, band's length need to be at least 420mm
[540(head girth) - 120(camera body length) = 420mm]
Rough Mock-up
Camera will be mostly used on head. [120 x 35 x 12] is suitable size. If it's bigger than this size, it will looks agly on head and not comfortable. 2/3" camera sensor is avilable in this size.