LIfeshift, Ethnography Scenario Game

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  • Lifeshift is a board game that contains a summer's worth of ethnographic research for "go by bike" bicycle commuters. The game itself contains the people we met, the issues they faced, their circumstances, hurdles, artifacts, bicycles and behaviors. The game was created as a tool to communicate a deeply engaged understanding of the bicycle commuter and to generate new products or services to support them in their endeavor. Lifeshift has been played internally and externally with teams, retailers and riders. It was presented at Trek's Innovation Summit 2.o and to the Senior Marketing staff at GE Healthcare as workshop event supporting our amazing design dept friends & leadership team at GE near Milwaukee. 
    The game is way better than a focus group -generating insight, understanding and opportunity while have a ton of fun.
    -Game designers from my awesome Town ID team were Andrew Krautbauer and Ryan Callahan. We went offsite for a day, outlined the game, created the framework and those two executed this proto in just over a week. Killer right? Yes. Right. I love those two.
  • Photo's by Ryan Callahan who was also one of the designers on this project.