• We have designed the core of the Visual Identity for LISI,
     the house of the future. A project impulsed by the
     Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and
     Technology and developed by the  Vienna University of
     Technology (TU Wien), the St Poelten Universtiy of 
    Applied Sciences,, the Salzburg University of Applied
     Sciences and the Austrian Institute of Technology.
    LISI performs as a multidisciplinary synergy at a high
     level in architectural design, in its prefabricated, 
    lightweight construction that can be combined in 
    different ways to adapt to different people’s needs, in 
    its flexibility of concept and in its sustainability.  The 
    House will be presented at Solar Decathlon Team 
    2013 – a biannual competition hosted by the US 
    Department of Energy in California.  

  • client 
    TU Wien

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    creative director
    Martina Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez

    art director
    Rodrigo Pérez

    graphic design
    Rodrigo Pérez

    website coding
    Jakob Doppler - St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences 
    Sebastian Wagner

    Armin Steyrer - Bokeh studio
    Lukas Martinsons - Bokeh Studio

    photography – elements
    Martina Pérez
    Rodrigo Pérez
    LISI THE HOUSE won solar decathlon 2013!, in order to celebrate it we have done a video to show you our branding work for the project and a bit of the competition itself