• The Linea design fits perfectly in the "feel minimal" collection as an adaptation of the Snap light to a different typology concept nevertheless imposes its own feelings and unique characteristics.
    This product line was born from the need to provide the market with a simple and minimalist language suitable for modern and contemporary spaces.The symbiosis between product and its environment is the undoubtedly essence of this concept characterized by diversity, flexibility and adaptation whether technical, creative or conceptual. It´s here where Linea mark its position, its right at this moment that it communicate emotions with the surrounding environment, between light and shadow, between presence and omission. It is indeed curious and even attractive, the ability of this of luminaire to omit its presence and give full prominence of the action to the projected light and the complicity between light and shadow dichotomy and the architectural environment. This luminaire place itself at a turning point between technical and decorative lighting, a distinct and divergent but inevitable hybrid, given the constant change and frantic evolution of what we can call trend or need.
  • Flexibility and adaptation
  • Linea prototyping
    The first test of the rotation device and the first study prototype to perform sustention, electrification and light tests.
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