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  • With a few sleek, curated pieces, nothing is distracting or without purpose. The pursuit of perfection is achieved not only from precise craftsmanship, but also from unique designs. It is only after a moment of calmness that one can start anew.
    We love our high-rise buildings with gorgeous city views out the window.
    The most distinctive architectural element lends natural tableaux of fractured sun and shadow. But furnishing this compact condo space can be a quite the challenge.
    This J-Villa project is a great example of achieving clarity of style within a limited space. Our LIMITLESS King Dolphin series creates the perfect juxtaposition in terms of, freedom of form, shape and choice of multi textural materials. A small space will take on greater dimensionality when an overall sense of openness is maintained. Making this series a perfect fit for urban condo living.

    Hannah coffee table is nestled in the midst of the sofas, its rounded corners with angled side panel details and emulating soft curves. The birch finish panel sides create continuity repeating the floor tone and the black glass top is accentuated by the contrast, drawing attention to the center of the conversation area. Luxuriating in serene tones and creating a unifying atmosphere.

    For this villa, we have built-in a simple and minimalistic entertainment unit that also functions as a room divider demarcating the dining room. When designing a room, add only what is essential. A room does not need to be overdone to feel finished. Live simply and elegantly with well-designed essentials from Limitless such as the Hammond arm chairs, the arced concave design is ergonomically designed. The contrast between the solid Oak wood frames and dark calf-leather seats and back, creates a sense of drama yet a feeling of balance and harmony.

    Clean architectural lines combined with simple design and beautiful finishes is essential to designing a harmonious and balanced space.

    The Calisto and the Bambi both possess an edgy contemporary sensibility that translates into a sophisticated elegance. The ways these pieces communicate in the room reflect modernism in its simplest form. Limitless designed not just the space but the entire lifestyle.

    Using the clients’ interests as touch stones for pulling together the many facetted interiors, a good design should always reflect the way the client lives their life. While addressing the couples aesthetic and functional goals we also infused the house with their own personal narrative.